Webinar: Thickener optimization

We will go through:

   The thickener goal

   The performance indicators


   Instrumentation and Control package



Thickeners can be used as water recovery systems to return large amounts of water to the operating installations. Although thickeners should be considered important pieces of equipment, these are often not treated this way. As one of the last process stages, sometimes thickeners are being used as the dumping ground of the whole processing plant. While the capacity of the plant changes over time, the thickener usually stays the same size while everything else progressively increases. This event called ‘the process slip’ causes many operational issues. Apart from design-issues, also instrumentation and process control are important aspects to optimize thickener operations.

During this webinar we will explain how investments in technology (e.g. measuring instruments) can directly result in better operation of the thickener. We will introduce the Rhosonics SDM (Slurry Density Meter) and will explain how this instrument is used to monitor feed and underflow streams to control the thickening process (stability, output, mass balance). Furthermore, the SmartDiver system will be introduced. We will explain how levels/layers are detected in thickeners to improve thickener underflow performance and flocculation control.

This webinar is hosted in cooperation with Precision Light & Air (the Australian manufacturer of SmartDiver systems) and MINEXXT (Provides expertise with equipment and process auditing to improve process performance).


Zulay Florez (Marketing Manager, PLA)

Mike Cook (Director, Minexxt)

Vitor Braz (Global Sales Manager, Rhosonics)