Best wishes for 2017

Posted on Wednesday, 21 December 2016 at 03:12

Rhosonics looks back at a very successful year thanks to its amazing customers, sales agents and suppliers. The Rhosonics team wants to thank everybody for their cooperation in 2016 and wishes you all a merry Christmas and a wonderful 2017!

The year 2016 was very special in every way. The team of Rhosonics experienced some major highlights with the introduction of a new product line, the start of the company’s expansion with a (soon to be opened) new location, but also experienced some great setbacks in the organisation by the loss of Rhosonics’ founder Mr. W.H. van Ballegoijen de Jong.

The launch of the SDM Density Meter in May was the beginning of a new series of products and was followed by the introduction of the Concentration Meter B31. Rhosonics worked hard on these developments and celebrated these introductions in September together with their sales agents during a product seminar. The new generation technologies will result in a great extension of Rhosonics’ product line in the coming years.

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