Blog: Benefits of density control in the dewatering process 3/3

Posted on Monday, 21 December 2020 at 10:12

It was mentioned before that there are different modern dewatering technologies, and Rhosonics density meters have been used also in Decanter centrifuges. This type of equipment require the use of flocculant in the separation process, therefore, a density control on its inlet allows for a precise dosage of such polymer, which will result in a highly efficient dewatering process. See the figure below.

Processing plants ideally want to have steady operating conditions, with an efficient and sustainable process. However, process conditions are subject to changes over time. When changes occur, real-time instrumentation and automation can help operators to keep control over the processes.

Main benefits of density measurement in dewatering processes:

  • Maintain steady operations
  • Efficient polymer dosing
  • Improve water recovery
  • Mass calculation

Please contact Rhosonics if you want to know more about the importance of density measurement in the dewatering process.

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