Blog: Measuring density in the thickening process

Posted on Friday, 21 February 2020 at 01:02

In the last weeks we have shared information about the important reasons for density measurement in the underflow, overflow and the feed of a thickener. We described the importance of water recovery, the investments that help to improve the recovery of valuable minerals and the efficient use of flocculants.
In this last blog about this subject, you can read other reasons for process control.

It is important to control the thickening process, because if this process is incorrectly managed, this may lead to additional costs and have a negative effect on the profitability and sustainability of the operation.

Examples of negative effects are:
• Wasting water, due to losses to the tailings or environment
• Recirculation of already treated ore and chemicals in the process water
• Increased costs due to excessive use of chemicals
• Increased maintenance costs for upstream equipment
• Loss of valuable product

Investments in technology (e.g. measuring instruments) can directly result in better control of the thickener operation. Sensors allow operators to monitor performances of thickeners and help them to meet water recovery and metal production requirements.