Celebration of 25 years Rhosonics

Posted on Friday, 14 April 2017 at 12:04

The company Rhosonics celebrates its 25-years anniversary this year. Therefore a jubilee celebration was organized for friends and family in Putten last Friday. Besides the 25th anniversary, the opening of the new premises was celebrated as well. Unfortunately this happened without the presence of the founder of Rhosonics, Mr. Willem van Ballegoijen de Jong, who passed away in September last year. The new building was ceremonially opened by the family of Willem.

In April 1992 Rhosonics was founded. Initially the company was a one-person business, leaded by Willem who took care of all operating activities personally. Willem designed, developed and sold his first ultrasonic sensors with support of his business associates. He used his skills and past experiences related to instrumentation to develop innovative analysers, an example is the 8100 series, these instruments were used to measure the concentration of liquid solutions. The first successes were made in the beer industry where the analysers were integrated in the brewing processes for in-line measurement of cold wort. In 1994 the company moved to its first office building which was situated in Baarn, the Netherlands.

In its 25-years existence, a lot of research and development was done for virtually any liquid process application. During the years, Rhosonics became a substantial player for measurement instrumentation in different industries worldwide. Over the last ten years the company started to sell ultrasonic density meters for slurry applications, known as the 9600 series. The introduction of this new product line resulted in significant growth of the company and made it possible to move to the current headquarters in 2008. The density meters and slurry analysers of the 9600 series where mainly sold to some large companies in the mining industry such as OCP in Morocco. In 2016 another big step was made when two products were launched, the Slurry Density Meter (SDM) and the Concentration Meter B31. The SDM replaced the model 9690 density meter, one of the most popular products of Rhosonics, and the B31 is the successor of the model 9570 in the optoelectronics market. The most recent step of Rhosonics was celebrated last Friday, when the company officially moved to its new and additional location in Putten, the Netherlands.

The staff of Rhosonics offers director Guus van Ballegoijen de Jong (son of the founder of Rhosonics), a gift which shows the result of 25 years of innovation.

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