Certificate of Excellence granted to DS Linetech

Posted on Tuesday, 18 September 2018 at 03:09

Guus van Ballegoijen de Jong has handed over a Certificate of Excellence to Mr. Lee Hae-Dong of Korean representative DS Linetech. This certificate was offered to Mr. Lee during his visit to the Rhosonics headquarters in Putten, the Netherlands last friday. DS Linetech has received this sign of appreciation from Rhosonics for their outstanding achievements with the Concentration Meter B31 in 2018.

Picture of Guus van Ballegoijen de Jong (Rhosonics) who gives the certificate to Mr. Lee, Hae-Dong (DS Linetech).

The cooperation between both companies in the FPD and PV cell industry was started back in 2009. Please find some newsitems related to this topic below.

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