Expansion of the Rhosonics team

Posted on Friday, 10 May 2019 at 11:05

In February and June this year, Marc Boute and Ellen de Wilde have joined the team of Rhosonics as production engineers. They are responsible for preparing, producing and calibrating products for customer-oriented work orders and stock orders.

With Marc and Ellen in the team, Rhosonics now has 17 employees. Last week, almost everybody was present at the Headquarters of Rhosonics and we were able to take a group photo.

Rhosonics team at the company headquarters in Putten, the Netherlands

Over the last months, the new location which Rhosonics opened two years ago, is expanded. The location has been expanded with approximately 145 m². There are new offices built and there is a video conference room in order to improve overseas communication with distributors and customers. This month, May 2019, everyone of Rhosonics will work in the same building.

Hoge Eng West 30
3882 TR, Putten
The Netherlands

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