Features of the SDM (5)

Posted on Thursday, 17 September 2020 at 01:09

Over the last weeks we shared the features and benefits of the non-nuclear Slurry Density Meter (SDM). In this last blog, you can read about the communication of the SDM. The device can be easily set for communication with systems like PLC’s and DCS for continuous control and interaction of operators.

Remote control by HART

The density reading of the SDM is send over an analogue 4…20mA signal. In addition, the SDM is HART certified, which enables two-way communication with other HART equipment over the same analogue 4-20 mA cable. This is very useful if you want to change settings remotely, for example, to get remote access and control for calibration/maintenance tasks, variable readout and variable ranging. For implementation of HART communication between the PLC and the SDM, instructions need to be followed. These instructions can be found in the Rhosonics Field Device Specification (FDS) manual.

HART’ is an acronym for Highway Addressable Remote Transducer. If you want to learn more about HART technology in general, then please click here.

Flexibility for customers using the RCU unit

In some cases, different communication protocols are required. For these purposes, an additional RCU (Remote Control Unit) unit will be used. The RCU can convert the 4…20mA / HART signal to other protocols. Also, the RCU can be used for remote control of Rhosonics measuring instruments from a safe and convenient location of choice. Depending on the type of RCU, operators can use this device to read their measured values, convert communication protocols and adjust settings of the field instrument using a touch screen interface.

The RCU-1 HART model can be used to convert a HART/4…20 mA signal to a Modbus RTU signal without losing the 4…20 mA signal. The RCU-4 can be used to convert a HART/4…20 mA signal to a digital Profibus DP signal without losing the HART/4…20 mA signal.

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