In-line °Plato Meter F43 launched for beer industry

Posted on Monday, 16 October 2017 at 05:10

After more than 20 years of experience through different products, today, Rhosonics announces the launch of a new measuring instrument for breweries, the ‘Plato meter F43’.

This new generation instrument is designed for in-line applications, is installed by means of a VARIVENT® pipe connection and provides real-time information about the brewing process in degrees Plato or Original Gravity. Installation of the sanitary probe is directly in the process, so no bypass is required.

Rhosonics in the beer industry

Mr. Guus de Jong, Director of Rhosonics, about the new development:

“We started in the beer industry early 1995. By then, Rhosonics worked together with Heineken in Zoeterwoude. The Dutch brewery wanted to overcome problems with the measurement of cold wort and started doing tests with our instrument over a time period of 3 months. All measurements were systematically checked versus laboratory samples and compared with other analyser models for similar applications​. It was proven that our instrument was already measuring within +/- 0.05 °Plato after a few months. These results made us decide to set foot on the ground in the beer industry.”

Rhosonics started with a simple, but reliable, model 8000 beer and wort analyser. Some of these systems are still working today and serving breweries worldwide. Later on, Rhosonics started a cooperation with a big player in the beer industry to have a wider span in the market. Now, more than 20 years later Rhosonics is very proud to launch its newest model F43 °Plato meter.

Plato Meter F43

The design of this model is totally new, has lots of differences compared to its predecessor model 9110 and is more in line with the latest products of Rhosonics. The instrument is easy to install, operate and maintain being an all-in-one system. One of the biggest advantages is that the model F43 communicates with 4-20mA/HART or Modbus. With this in mind it is much easier to communicate and toggle through different beer types when you are running multiple recipes. In fact, it is even possible to perform a base calibration in the control room while running water.

The Plato Meter F43 offers highly accurate measurements up to 0.01 °Plato with a range from 0 to 40 °Plato. Futhermore, the instrument can display the Original Gravity as additional parameter. The measurement method is still a proven sound velocity technology. However, the materials of the sensor have been renewed. The ceramic sensor materials take care for much clearer signals before processing them. In addition, the ceramics are more temperature conductive than stainless steel and reach the process temperature faster than before. The best improvement is our latest version of the electronics. Due to this design the sound velocity measurement is improved by having a 10 times stronger signal than before.

All of this results in a rigid, fast and reliably in-line monitoring instrument for your brewery. Please contact our sales department ( if you would like to have more information about the Plato Meter F43.

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