Introduction of a new installation tool

Posted on Friday, 26 April 2019 at 01:04

Rhosonics introduces a new installation tool, this is the successor of the previous Weldolet (weld-on piece). This new Weldolet has several advantages compared to its predecessor.

Rhosonics offers different installation methods to fit every customer’s need. The Weldolet is one of the installation methods of the SDM Slurry Density Meter. This installation method is mostly used in dredging applications. The Weldolet is a metal adapter which can be used for flush-mounted installation in existing or new steel pipes. The Weldolet piece is welded on the outside of the pipe at the location where a hole is drilled.


This picture shows the previous Weldolet. This one was made in the radius of the specified pipe size.

In the past, when customers opted for a Weldolet installation, Rhosonics made a Weldolet that fits the customer’s pipe. But with this Weldolet, we encountered different issues. The Weldolet was made in the radius of the specified pipe size. If this pipe size was not correct, the Weldolet would not fit. These Weldolets were custom-made for customers. For this reason, the article couldn’t be delivered from stock.

Today, Rhosonics introduces a new Weldolet. This Weldolet has a number of advantages over the previous one. The installation does not depend on specified dimensions because the Weldolet is adjustable. Customers will get an installation tool with it as you can see in the pictures. If they use this tool by following the instructions correctly, then a flush-mounted installation is guaranteed. It is possible to use in different wall thicknesses. As this is not a custom-made piece anymore, we can deliver these from stock.

This picture shows the new Weldolet

1. Drill a hole in the pipe. 2. Weld the Weldolet in a proper way 3. The sensor has to be flush-mounted in the pipe

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