Meet our Korean distributor

Posted on Thursday, 16 June 2016 at 10:06

The sales network of Rhosonics in Asia consists of representatives with large experience in the mining, chemical and optoelectronics industry. In this news-item we highlight our Korean distributor DS Linetech. This Korean company, which is owned by Mr. Hae-Dong Lee, is a specialist in online chemical analyzers.

Back in 2009, Rhosonics and DS Linetech started a cooperation for the photovoltaic cell industry. The application was TMAH+PR which is a ternary liquid with two chemical components that are used for production of displays. By then, this application was hard to measure. Rhosonics already had the technology to combine multiple in-line measuring sensors for analyzing ternary applications. However, TMAH+PR was something different. By combining the knowledge of both companies Rhosonics was able to provide model 9570 for the optoelectronics industry.

Now, this technology is adopted by the industry and in fact indispensable, more and more displays are produced and projects around this TMAH+PR application are still to be carried out. A recent example is an order of 14 model 9570 analyzers which were sold to a major system integrator in the display industry. In addition, DS Linetech also sold one of the Rhosonics chemical analysers for KOH, NaOH and H2SO4 applications. Rhosonics and DS Linetech have been working together for many years now and have built a strong relationship.

Mr. Hae-Dong Lee, about the relationship with Rhosonics: “There are a lot of enquiries for the use of fast and precise analyzers in clean rooms without any reagents, since our country Korea is one of the best countries in the semi-con industry. Thanks to Rhosonics support, we can successfully introduce this kind of analyzers to Korean customers as well as Chinese customers. We will do our best to search for good applications for next steps together with Rhosonics”.

Mr. Willem de Jong, director of Rhosonics, adds: “Ever since the beginning of our relationship, we know DS Linetech as the foremost important supplier in Korea and abroad. DS Linetech has always focused on quality and has gained a reputation of being very professional. We thank Mr. Hae-Dong Lee for his broad support and we hope that we will continue our good relationship in order to further work on full customer satisfaction”.