Mining experts EP2: Grinding Circuits

Posted on Thursday, 15 October 2020 at 03:10

Mining companies have different ways to assess the efficiency on their grinding & classification circuit. Some sites are doing it by manual sampling, others are using instrumentation combined with advanced process controls.

In this second episode of our series “industry experts talking”, we continued our interview with Sandro Marino, who is the business development manager at Interfusao in Brazil. He shared more of his experiences about process-control on processing plants. Sandro has studied Mineral Processing (Flotation) at the University of Utah. He has a lot knowledge and experience in the mining and mineral processing industry and is regularly visiting mining sites.

Density checks on the grinding circuit can be achieved by manual sampling (Marcy Scale). However, it can be time consuming and is not ideal for process-control, which demands representative and real-time measurement. The grinding circuit, which also involves the classification, is the heart of the processing plant. Density is a key variable to have this part of the process operating in its optimal condition.

The density in the cyclone feed, for example, has a high correlation with particle size. Therefore, it is an important variable to take into account when searching for strategies to optimize the particle size classification and keep the P80 stable. The use of a density meter in the cyclone feed, combined with a novel of instruments and an advanced control system, allows for significant gains such as increased throughput, reduced energy and grinding media consumption on the mills and an optimized recovery on the next stage of the process (flotation) due to an improved classification.

It is proven that the use of online instrumentation allows for significant process improvements and savings ($). The process personnel generally loves the use of on-line instrumentation, because those allow for massive improvements in the efficiency of the operation. Enough reasons to start implementing high-end and safe automation in the processes.

Check our interview with Sandro Marino (expert in mineral processing) to learn more about this subject.