Mining experts EP3: Measuring points in the Grinding Circuit

Posted on Friday, 30 October 2020 at 09:10

Mining companies have different ways to assess the efficiency on their grinding and classification circuit. Some sites are doing it by manual sampling, others are using instrumentation combined with advanced process controls. The grinding circuit, which also involves the classification, is the heart of the processing plant. Density is a key variable to have this part of the process operating in its optimal condition.

In this third episode of our series “industry experts talking”, we continued our interview with Sandro Marino, who is the business development manager at Interfusao in Brazil. He shares the most important density measuring points in the grinding circuit. The hydrocyclones are one of the most unstable parts of the grinding circuit, since it relies on the efficiency of a ball mill. Therefore, measuring density in the hydrocyclone feed would be mandatory to have a more stable operation, and other points, such as cyclone underflow and overflow are also recommended for mass balance calculation. Check our video for the complete interview with Sandro Marino to learn more about the most important measuring points in the grinding circuit.

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