Multiple SDM Density Meters ready for shipment

Posted on Friday, 9 December 2016 at 01:12

Rhosonics has been growing over the last years, especially due to succeses with the Model 9690 Density Meter. The SDM Density Meter is also expected to be very succesfull. This expectation is supported by the number of SDM’s already ordered. Rhosonics’ distributors Blue Star and Nanjing PIC recently came with large orders for the SDM. The manufacturing site of Rhosonics is currently carrying out the production, calibration and preparation of these SDM’s. The ultrasonic density meters will soon be shipped to customers in China and India where the instruments will be used for dredging applications and processes in the mineral processing industry.

To facilitate the company’s growth, Rhosonics has been looking for a while now to find additional space at a new location. An expension of the production capacity was needed in order to produce more products in the future. More information about the expension of Rhosonics will follow soon.

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