New distributors in Spain and Argentina

Posted on Thursday, 20 December 2018 at 11:12

Rhosonics is pleased to announce two new representatives. Since this month a cooperation has been started with Meditecna S.R.L. in Argentina and Roca Roibas S.A.U. in northern Spain. Both parties were recently showing their dedication by participating during a SDM training which was organized at the headquarters of Rhosonics in Putten. Below you can find a short introduction to both companies.


Meditecna is a representative company with headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The company has several offices throughout Argentina and works together with several partners to cover all regions of the country. The company is representative of several instrumentation brands and has activities in different industries such as oil & gas, mining & mineral processing, food & beverages and water and wastewater. Rhosonics recently finished a large project in Argentina for Yamana Gold Cerro Morro together with Yellow Solutions. In this project, 14 non-nuclear density meters of Rhosonics were installed. This mineral processing plant is also one of Meditecna’s major clients in the mining industry.

Roca Roibas

Roca Roibas is a representative and service provider who is serving several industries in Northern Spain. The company is specialized in equipment for flow, pressure and level measurement, but also offers other equipment such as pumps and valves. Roca Roibas was involved in a Rhosonics density meter project for ArcelorMittal and Strategic Minerals in Spain.

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