New sensor available

Posted on Tuesday, 26 April 2016 at 03:04

Rhosonics introduces a new sensor with a longer lifetime for its Model 9690 density meter. The new sensor is specially developed for abrassive applications such as dredging. Dredgers are generally facing lots of wear to the pipes on the dredging ship. In some cases, pipes need to be changed once per month due to wear caused by the sand slurry. The sensors of the Rhosonics density meter are integrated into the pipes of the dredging ships and are therefore also subject to wear.

Rhosonics wants to offer sensors with maximum performances to its customers and thus developed the Long Life Ultrasonic Sensor. The new Ultrasonic Sensor has a three times longer lifetime than normal Rhosonics UMCS series sensors. Hence, the sensor is better suitable for heavy dredging applications.

Get in touch with our sales department for more information about the new sensor.