Non-nuclear density meter at hopper dredger KB1649

Posted on Friday, 24 November 2017 at 02:11

Beens Dredging took the non-nuclear density meter of Rhosonics into use on their new hopper dredger kb1649 during a project in the port of Amsterdam a month ago. The customer wanted a non-nuclear density meter to determine the real-time density of the sludge.

The SDM slurry density meter is a good solution for this measuring task, because of its reliable, stable and real-time measurement results. The SDM contributes to the dredging operation and offers many advantages thanks to its ultrasonic technology.

In the port of Amsterdam, a certain amount of sludge needed to be removed from the port to ensure a safe passage for ships. The SDM contributes to:

  • Determination of the optimal dredging condition
  • Efficient completion of the dredging session
  • Reduction of time and money spent on a project
  • Quicker response to changing process conditions
  • Less obstruction of the pump

More information and details about this project can be found in our case study. Click here to read our case study or watch our video about the commissioning of the density meter at Beens Dredging.

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