Online support for distributors

Posted on Tuesday, 2 February 2016 at 08:02

Because of an upcoming demand of online sales support and service, our team wondered what the best way would be to support our distributors. We experienced that a lot of documents were requested by our distributors and we felt that this could be made easier by putting them online. But since some of these documents might be only usefull for distributors and even classified, it wasn’t an option to just put them on our website. That is the reason we made a support and service portal. Our distributors can create an account and login to reach all valuable information like manuals, drawings and software. Even sales and support documentation is to be found here such as brochures and application notes, but also references lists. In the near future Rhosonics will be putting more and more files online. Contact us for more information or simply create a distributor account yourself!