Product news flash: COD meters for breweries

Posted on Wednesday, 23 September 2015 at 01:09

Wondering where all the waste goes? Do you think breweries don’t spill beer themselves? Well, the last one is more or less correct. You’ve got beer and you’ve got waste. And waste is not so easy to handle as you think. That’s why Rhosonics provides an inline monitoring solution for this.

We learned that COD (chemical oxigen demand) monitoring is very important during the wastewater process. Like many organic waste, beer also requires oxigen to break down, and oxigen is not something which can be simply replenished by nature. That is the reason why only a particular amound of beer can be treated without further processing of a wastewater plant. To regulate this stream Rhosonics developed an online continiously monitoring COD analyser. Because normally COD measurement is done by sample, this is a big improvement for all breweries around the world.

In addition, there are different installation possibilities with this unit. Whether there needs to be measured in a sample or a pipeline, hardware can be simply adjusted to process specifications of the brewery. Untill now Rhosonics has equipped dozens of breweries with our equipment. Good for nature, good for your beer!