Rhosonics integrates two new employees

Posted on Monday, 5 September 2022 at 03:40

Rhosonics is proud to announce a further two employees have joined the organization as of September, increasing the total number of employees to 30. This is a continuation of the expansion associated with the company.  

Kim Bloemberg has been employed and sourced as an office manager. She is responsible for maintaining facility matters and the internal activities associated with Rhosonics, such as supporting the various departments and the internal management. Furthermore, Kim will be actively engaged in developing contacts with external parties. 

Josh O’Halloran is the second employee welcomed at Rhosonics, who has joined the sales and marketing department for a duration of five-months as part of an internship educational program. Josh is an Irish native and has been studying ‘International Business’, in Deventer. The duties required consist of webinar assistance, developing customer testimonials and sourcing potential leads that can aid Rhosonics. Additionally, extensive market research will be conducted to gain new insights for Rhosonics.  

At Rhosonics, we are thrilled to announce that we are now a certified and recognized training company on behalf of the SBB, a collaborative organization for vocational education business on the following studies:  

  • Electrical systems engineer 
  • Technical engineer 
  • All round media maker 
  • First mechanic service and maintenance electrical engineering and instrumentation 
  • Media designer 


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