Rhosonics launches the Concentration Meter B31

Posted on Tuesday, 22 November 2016 at 03:11

Today, Rhosonics launches the Concentration Meter B31. This new concentration meter is specifically designed to measure and monitor two (chemical) components of a ternary liquid solution, for example the solution of TMAH+PR. The B31 is the successor of the Rhosonics Model 9570 which was mainly sold to system-integrators in the semiconductor and flat panel industries.

Unique features

One of the most unique features of the B31 is that the concentration meter only uses one measurement cell to measure the sound velocity, conductivity and temperature at the same time. The B31 provides real-time information about the liquid components and continuously shows the measured concentrations (chemicals) with an exceptionally high accuracy up to +/- 0.0001 wt% (which is equal to 1 ppm). The concentration meter can offer this high accuracy due to the new sensor materials that are used. Another advantage is the extremely high chemical resistance of the wetted parts which makes the instrument suitable for a wider range of applications.

Easy installation

The electronics and liquid parts of the Concentration Meter B31 are separated. This is done with a modular and compact design consisting of a control box, sensor box and a wall panel. Because of the totally renewed design, installation and replacement of the concentration meter is very simple. The first step is to mount the wall panel onto a flat vertical surface. The second step is to make an electronic connection with the wall panel. After these steps are done, the control box and sensor box can be easily clamped onto the wall panel. The last step is to connect the process tube to the sensor box.

New concept

The predecessor of the B31, Model 9570, has been very successful in the optoelectronics industry where it is used to monitor the concentrations of TMAH+PR in the LCD developing process. This analyser is installed in concentration management systems and other systems for the supply of chemicals. The new Concentration Meter B31 can also be used for applications of the Model 9580 analyser, for example in the electroplating process to measure the solution of Sulphuric Acid and Copper (H2SO4 and CU++). Driven by the upcoming price competition, Rhosonics started to work on the development of the B30 Series Concentration Meters with innovative technologies. This totally new concept is released under the name of the Concentration Meter B31 which is now officially available for purchase.

Please contact Rhosonics or your local distributor for more information about the product.