Rhosonics market survey respondents contributed to a $200 gift for the Red Cross

Posted on Friday, 11 September 2020 at 12:09

In May this year we asked industry professionals to participate in our market research about density measurement. The goal of this survey was getting a better understanding of the customer demand. More than 40 respondents have shared their reasons for and preferences in measuring density.

The answers showed that most of the respondents are using 10 or more nuclear density meters at their plant. Their main concern of using nuclear density meters is the periodical inspection of the source, followed by the difficulty of storage and tracking of the source. In general, respondents answered that density meters are mostly used for process control, mass flow calculation, quality assurance, quantification and optimization of processes.

For every participant we donated $5 to the Int. Red Cross Comittee Covid-19 appeal. Their teams are fighting to prevent the spread of this virus by supporting vital health care centers and providing crucial items such as soap and masks. On the behalf of our participants, we have donated a total of $200 to the Red Cross Committee.

We want to thank everyone who has participate in our survey. Your answers are very much appreciated and will help us to better meet the market demand. The market survey is ongoing, so it is still possible to contribute. Participate now via this link: Market Survey.

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