Rhosonics on dredging ship Charlock

Posted on Tuesday, 12 April 2016 at 01:04

A Dutch company Van den Herik tested their newest dredging ship Charlock near Harlingen in the Waddenzee last Wednesday. Rhosonics was invited to this event to see the first operations of the ship and the performances of the Model 9690 density meter. Rhosonics successfully commissioned its product during the dredging trial.

Rhosonics Model 9690 is equipped at the Charlock dredging ship to measure the density of the dredging slurry. The ultrasonic meter is important for the dredging company, because it monitors the effectiveness of the dredging process. Model 9690 exactly measures the density of the dredging slurry by means of ultrasonic technology. This measurement method is based on the measurement of the acoustic impedance of the particular slurry.

Nuclear technologies are normally used on dredging ships. However, nowadays more dredging companies are willing to switch to measurement technologies that rely on non-nuclear sources such as Rhosonics’ model 9690 density meter.