Sales and service teams expanded

Posted on Friday, 7 April 2017 at 10:04

Two new employees have been welcomed at Rhosonics in the last couple of months. The Service and Sales teams have both been expanded, as well as the department of Research and Development.

Guido Romijn has started to work at Rhosonics as an Embedded Software Engineer in the beginning of February. His job responsibilities include product development as well as technical service support. Guido works in the Research and Development department where he contributes on aspects of improving instrumentation for different process applications. He will be trained to become the responsible person for future service cases that are related to the new product lines of Rhosonics. Customers who are in need of technical support can contact Guido through the email address of service.

Anton Nicolai has joined the sales team of Rhosonics and started working as Sales Representative at the company in the beginning of April. As assistant of the Global Sales Manager, Anton will be involved in several sales projects and will be handling offers, requests, technical issues and questions. He will help Rhosonics to further support its global sales network and will be seeking for new opportunities in the industry. Please contact Anton if you have any sales related questions.

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