SDM Training in Mexico

Posted on Thursday, 31 August 2017 at 03:08

Last week our significant distributor Procon System (2013) visited their Mexican representatives Control Weapon and Weapon Instruments for a Rhosonics SDM training at the head office of Control Weapon in Guadalajara, Mexico. This training was organized by Procon to share knowledge about the non-nuclear SDM Slurry Density Meter.

During the meeting Mark Lanctot and Patrice Mauviel from Procon Canada explained the differences between the Rhosonics density meter and nuclear density meters. Especially the problems and limitations of the nuclear technology in the mining industry were discussed like local governmental restrictions, costs related to licenses and safety issues due to radioactive sources. These limitations can be an important reason for customers to buy an ultrasonic density meter of Rhosonics.

In Mexico, Procon also visited three mineral processing plants together with the Mexican sales team to learn customers on site about the advantages of non-nuclear density measurement. The sales training and meetings on site have been very fruitful for all parties and periodic visits will be planned by Procon.

On this picture: Mr. Patrice Mauviel (Product Manager at Procon), Mr. Mark Lanctot (Technical Sales Manager at Procon), Mr. Noel Macias (Manager Control Weapon), Mr. Jose Antonio Neri (Manager Weapon Instruments) and the Mexican sales team.

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