Slurry Density Meter successful at Beni Amir Washing Plant

Posted on Tuesday, 9 April 2019 at 03:04

Global leader of Phosphate products, the OCP Group, recently finished a nine months evaluation successfully with four non-nuclear Rhosonics Slurry Density Meters (SDM). The four SDM’s are installed at the Beni Amir washing plant in Morocco. These instruments are operating well thanks to good commissioning of M2C Études & Services.

Mohammed el Moudden, Chief Instrumentation of OCP Beni Amir, said:

“We confirm a successful test of the SDM from April 2018 until now. A single calibration is sufficient for operation over three months. The team at the BENI AMIR washing plant are satisfied with this technology.”

One of the non-nuclear SDM’s installed in the underflow of a thickener

The Phosphate ore at the Beni Amir washing plant goes through a wet treatment process to enrich the ore and increase its BPL (Boone Phosphate of Line) content. A density meter is needed to monitor the output of a cyclone, mixing tank and two thickeners to improve the efficiency and fully utilize the production capacity of these (separation) processes. The Rhosonics ultrasonic real-time Slurry Density Meters (SDM) were installed by wafer cells in pipes from 13 inch to 23 inch.

After nine months, the non-nuclear Rhosonics SDM’s were evaluated by the team of the OCP Beni Amir plant. The SDM’s met the requirements of OCP and the team was satisfied with the easy calibration and stable measuring results.

You can read the whole story about the success of Beni Amir in the case study and in the client testimonial. Click on the image below to download the case study.

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