Two locations will become one

Posted on Wednesday, 30 January 2019 at 10:01

Two years ago, Rhosonics opened a new location near to the current headquarters in Putten, the Netherlands. Now, two years later and a number of employees more, Rhosonics will expand the location at the Hoge Eng West. More space was needed due to the growth of Rhosonics over de past years.

Hoge Eng West 30
3882 TR, Putten
The Netherlands

The construction work has already started. The total expansion concerns approximately 145 m². New offices will be built on the ground floor. There will also be an extra floor added with new offices. The management, administration, marketing and sales department will have their workplaces there. In total there will be six new office spaces. The production area will also expand with approximately 45 m², with a special conditioned calibration space. Furthermore, the meeting room will be enlarged. This will contribute to the facilities to provide training. Space has been created and arranged as a video conference room. This in order to improve overseas communication with distributors and customers. In the summer of 2019, everyone of Rhosonics will stay in the same building.

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