There are many reasons for measuring density, which may differ per application. It is important to control the process because if this process is incorrectly managed, this may lead to additional costs and have a negative effect on the profitability and sustainability of the operation.

Density measurement is usually done by radiation-based measuring devices. This technology has been in usage in the mineral processing industry for decades. However, nowadays government regulations are getting stricter, and more nuclear density meters getting replaced by alternatives. These alternatives can do the same job, and without administration costs and health and safety risks related to the nuclear source.

The SDM removes all costs, health and safety risks related to the radiation source. In addition, the device is easy-to-use, has no need for any license and provides reliable values to monitor and improve the production output.

Slurry Density Meter

The non-nuclear Slurry Density Meter is suitable for real-time density measurement in all kinds of slurries. The product uses sustainable ultrasonic technology and is specially designed for dredging and mineral processing applications. The SDM uses a non-intrusive ultrasonic sensor to measure the real-time density of mineral slurries under high-level and at huge pipes.

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