In the copper foil production process, one of the first stages is to dissolve high-grade (recycled) copper in Sulfuric Acid (H2S04)(1). This solution is then pumped through filters to produce the desired copper electrolyte solution and remove impurities. The last stage is a storage tank, where the solution is kept before it is fed to the actual plating process to create copper foil(2).

On the side of this storage tank, in a recirculated bypass on the side of the storage tank, both concentrations (Cu + H2SO4) are monitored, which is a critical measurement in the production process of copper foil. When the solution meets all chemical and quality standards, the solution is pumped into large plating tanks containing partially immersed titanium drums to create a thin film of very pure copper. These are also referred to as electroplating (ED) machines(3).

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The solution of dissolved Copper and Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4 & Cu++) is accurately monitored by the Rhosonics model CCM 9580 analyzer before the electroplating process. This model uses two sensors (ultrasonic & conductivity) to measure both concentrations in real-time. This is done in the bypass of the storage tank. The analyzer uses a predefined polynomial to calculate both concentrations. Besides continuous information about the two concentrations, the Rhosonics CCM 9580 also provides a real-time temperature reading.

In this way, the Rhosonics CCM 9580 model helps the client to maintain the desired concentrations to meet the quality standards for efficient copper foil production.

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