Rhosonics’ ultrasonic technology provides better oversight of the process by simultaneously monitoring multiple chemical concentrations in real-time. The choice of technology depends on the number of concentrations that require measurement in a chemical solution. Rhosonics can achieve a measurement accuracy of up to ± 0.0001 wt%. It is important to note that Rhosonics technology can be used to measure the following main chemicals or chemical concentrations using ultrasonic technology:

Cleaning and Polishing: CMP Slurry, H2O2, HF, NH3, BHF, KOF , HNO3, SC1, SC2, APM, Piranha Solution, HCl, C6H8O7:H20, Aqua regia, Iodine Solution, HCl, HNO3, C3H8O (IPA), C3H6O (Acetone), (CH3)2CHOH, APM

Photoresist and Stripping: TMAH, TMAH + PR + CO3, H2SO4:H2O2, SPM, H2Ta2O6, Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO), CeO2

Etching: TMAH, TMAH + PR + CO3,TBHA, H2SO4, HF, HNO3, KOH, C2HCl3, HNA

Using the Rhosonics ultrasonic technology, it is possible to measure virtually any type of chemicals or solid solutions in production processes. Apart from semiconductor applications, similar processes in solar panels and flat-panel displays can also benefit from Rhosonics technology.


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