Concentration measurement in the semiconductor industry

Tuesday 21 Mar 2023

For the past few years, the semiconductor industry has been suffering from a lack of supply. Due to the nature of high-tech industries requiring high investment, semiconductors were unable to meet the demand for a while. Customers want to use more smart devices in their daily lives, and they expect them to be faster and more powerful. Communication, consumer electronics, automotive, and computer industries all require more and better semiconductors. In addition, COVID-19 disrupted all supply chains, limiting semiconductor production. Therefore, producers are looking for alternative ways to improve their production in order to meet the demand. That is why concentration measurement in the semiconductor industry is essential.

Concentration measurement

In every manufacturing process, technology could make a difference. Introducing new technologies could improve production rates and process efficiency. One of the technologies is concentration monitoring equipment that is used to observe process chemicals in real-time. Measuring the chemical concentrations with the highest accuracy is important in the semiconductor industry, since there is an intensive use of chemicals. The process information could be analyzed to make improvements to the process. When used in combination with process control, the system could act directly if process changes are happening. The analyzer contributes to maintaining the right chemical concentrations (within desired values) to keep the process running under the optimal conditions. This helps to prevent unplanned downtime and improves the end product quality. Therefore companies can increase the production line efficiency with lower defect rates.

Solution to solve the process challenges

To avoid inefficient etching and cleaning of the substrates, chemical concentration control is essential. The factory will avoid using more chemicals than intended. Less chemical usage provides lower variable production costs and provides more eco-friendly facilities. The concentration ratio can be checked in real-time by measuring instruments to ensure the solution is exactly the desired mixture.

Rhosonics technology

Rhosonics’ ultrasonic technology provides a better overseeing of the process by monitoring multiple chemical concentrations simultaneously in real-time. The choice of technology depends on the amount of concentrations in a chemical solution that needs to be measured. Rhosonics can reach a measurement accuracy of up to ± 0.0001 wt%.


You have now read why concentration measurement in the semiconductor industry is important. We know that every production facility is facing its own challenges in terms process monitoring and control. Our goal is to cover the most common challenges for chemical solutions that occur in the semiconductor industry.

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