Ore refineries primarily refer to chemical applications in the mining industry. Ore refining is a key part of metallurgy. Depending on the ore type, different processes are being used to extract, recover and purify valuable metals and minerals. While some ore refineries can extract and refine the ore from the scratch, some of them focus on only refining the ore. Therefore, different methods and applications exist for ore refineries. For example, mining companies are refining products such as borates and phosphate to be used in fertilizers. Also, known examples are the recovery and purification of metals, such as zinc refinery, the leaching processes for gold and copper, and the Bayer process of refining bauxite for the production of Alumina.

The CDM (Chemical Density Meter) allows for measuring density in real time. The CDMs have a robust design with sensors that are made of high corrosion and abrasion-resistant materials to withstand rough process conditions in ore refineries.

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chemical density meter

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