Measuring real-time COD is becoming increasingly important as we strive to take better care of the environment.  In-line COD measurement can help you to trace leaks in the factory and to determine their possible causes. Moreover, this can save money during the production process as well as in the WWTP (less consumption of oxygen and therefore less sludge). The Rhosonics CCM 9585 COD Meter can measure the COD value of brewery wastewater streams.

Chemical Oxygen Demand is normally measured in the laboratory through chemical reactions with oxygen. Rhosonics offers a different way to measure the number of COD in real-time: CODeq (equivalent results, but using improved technology). In addition, we also use a combination of multiple ultrasonic technologies in a single sensor, in combination with a conductivity sensor, to determine CODeq and TSSeq: the CCM 9585.  Factory-programmed calibration is an advanced regression model, based on the ultrasonic properties of a variety of the most common organic materials, such as, alcohols, sugars, and so on.

The CCM 9585 employs a hybrid ultrasonic sensor that measures a number of ultrasonic properties of water. In conjunction with the electrical conductivity, an ultrasonic equivalent value determines the COD value of the water.

Features and benefits

There are major features and benefits of the CCM 9585 COD Meter, such as:

It protects against failures that could lead to a plant shutdown. Additionally, the instrument will help to reduce the overall operating costs and makes it simple to comply with conditions for discharge consent. And lastly, upset process conditions – resulting in the destruction of the biological process – is now preventable and unintended spillage of raw material is detected immediately.

• Protection against the destruction of the biological process
• Optimizing the COD of the influent flow
• Detection of process spills
• Efficiency verification of solids filters
• Highly accurate COD measurements
• No moving parts
• Reagents are not needed
• Maintenance free
• Easy in-line installation into pipelines
• Bypass no longer required
• Very short pay-back time and last but not least
• Low cost of ownership

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