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The major features and benefits of the CCMs are:

  • Real-time measurement
  • Chemical-resistant sensors
  • Easy operation and installation


The Rhosonics CCM stands for Chemical Concentration Meter and this category of instruments allows measuring the concentration of chemicals and solutions in real-time. The CCMs are designed to withstand many different chemicals and to match harsh process conditions.

The CCMs can be used in a variety of applications whenever there is a need for measuring chemical concentrations. Some of the industries where this technology can be used are:
Copper Foil (H2SO4 & Cu++)
• Zinc refineries (H2SO4 & Zn)
Breweries WWTP
Flat Panel Display manufacturing plants


About the products

There are different models of CCMs that can be used for different applications and in different industries:

CCM 8500
Measures the concentration of one chemical in a solution. It uses the speed of sound and temperature for that. It can be used to measure the concentration of H2SO4 in an acid plant, for example.

CCM 9500
Measures the concentration of two chemicals in a solution. It uses the speed of sound, temperature, and conductivity for that. This technology is used in the Copper Foil plants to measure H2SO4 & Cu++.

Measures the concentration of two or three chemicals in a solution. This meter was specially developed to measure TMAH+PR+(CO3) in Flat Panel Display manufacturing sites.

Measures the COD concentration of sugar-based wastewaters. This meter was specially developed to be used in the inlet of breweries WWTP, and it can also be used for the same application in soft drinks WWTP.

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Chemical Concentration Meter

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