The chemical industry relies heavily on sulphuric acid, also known as H2SO4, as it is an important raw material utilized in various processes. One of its derivatives, oleum, is produced by dissolving SO3 in H2SO4 using a double contact process. Furthermore, this fascinating liquid transforms into oleum above 100%, which adds to its industrial significance. To monitor the dilution process precisely and reliably, an in-line analyzer is required. Rhosonics has developed the CCM 8500 ultrasonic analyzer, which uses the velocity of sound and the measurement of the liquid’s temperature to determine the concentration of sulphuric acid or oleum in different ranges.

Accurate monitoring of the concentration levels of sulphuric acid is crucial in the manufacturing of fertilizers, detergents, dyes, and other chemical products. The CCM 8500 ultrasonic analyzer provides real-time data, ensuring that the final product meets necessary specifications and standards while improving production efficiency. By utilizing precise measurements, this analyzer helps chemical manufacturers maintain the quality and consistency of their end products. In conclusion, the importance of sulphuric acid in the chemical industry and the need for accurate monitoring of its concentration levels make the CCM 8500 ultrasonic analyzer an essential tool for chemical manufacturers.

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