Density of thickener underflow

Minera Poderosa wants to measure and control the density in the tailings thickener underflow to improve the tailings filtering. The Rhosonics Density Meter is a good solution for this measuring task, because its reliable, stable and real-time measurements More »

Slurry density at dredger

Beens Dredging got the assignment to remove a certain amount of sludge from the port in Amsterdam. The operator of the ship wants to fill the hopper with sand as quickly as possible. A density meter was needed to monitor the real-time density of the sludge. More »

Density meter comparison test

Rhosonics was participating in a comparative test for density meters. Nuclear and non-nuclear density meter suppliers were invited by the contractor for a test period of 4 weeks. The Rhosonics density meter came out as winner of the test. More »

Slurry density at washing plant

The OCP Group needed density meters to monitor the output of a cyclone, mixing tank and two thickeners to improve the efficiency and fully ultilize the production capacity of these separation processes. More »

Density in regrinding circuit

Agnico Eagle needed density meters to monitor the feed of a cyclone and ball mill in the regrinding circuit to improve the efficiency and stability and fully ultilize the production capacity of these processes. More »

Density in coal flocculation tank

Vinacomin wanted to prove the performance of the SDM with an indication out of a 30-day trial. This instrument was used to measure the density in the coal flocculation tanks. More »

Density at Ferrochrome Smelter

The customer gave the assignment to remove manual sampling from the thickener underflow and replace this with an online density measurement tool. More »

Density at Paste Plant

The customer wants to know how much slurry is going to the storage tank More »

Mining and Mineral Processing

Rhosonics helps the mineral processing industry to create a safe and pleasant working environment by offering non-nuclear technology for density measurement in mineral slurries, to eliminate all costs and risks of radiation-based density meters. More »

Dredging industry

Rhosonics helps dredgers to create a safe and pleasant working environment on their dredging vessels. Dredgers can eliminate all costs, health and safety risks related to radiation-based measuring instruments by making a transition to non-nuclear density measurement technology. More »

FPD Industry

Rhosonics Analytical creates sensors for inline analyis in chemical blending and in-process control. More »


Rhosonics has models for different other industries as well. Density or concentration measurement in the Pulp and Paper industry, chemical concentration measurement in the chemical industry and COD measurement in the wastewater treatment plants of Breweries, Soft drink producers and Distilleries. More »

SDM: Slurry Density Meter

Rhosonics introduces the latest generation non-nuclear density meter, the SDM. This measuring instrument is suitable for real-time density measurement in mineral slurries. We help dredging and mining customers to create a safe and pleasant working environment while reducing the workload associated with nuclear gauges (e.g. licenses and safety regulations) More »

RCU: Remote Control Unit

The RCU is a multifunctional device which is connected to the instrument by cable and can be used to monitor measurement results and change settings real-time at a safe and convenient location near the process. More »

B30: Concentration Meters

The B30 Series Concentration Meters are perfectly suited for applications where two liquid concentrations need to be measured and monitored with a high degree of accuracy. More »


Model 9585 is used to optimize COD in the influent flow from the brewery to the WWTP. This system helps to protect the biological process. The COD value is directly measured, real-time and in-line. In the chemical industry, model 8500 helps to monitor chemical concentrations in binary liquids and detect real-time changes. More »


Rhosonics is specialized in using ultrasound waves for sensors and analysers, creating extremely accurate in-line monitoring of fluid mixtures. More »


Open vacancies for Rhosonics. This page is only available in Dutch. More »

ISO 9001

Rhosonics has succesfully passed the ISO 9001 audit in 2016 More »

Customer testimonials

On this page we include customer testimonials in which a customer tells about their experiences with the Rhosonics services and equipment More »


Rhosonics offers presentations and training sessions for customers from time to time, on this page you can find the actual topics and dates. Please register on this page to attend one of the webinars. More »


We design, produce and supply state-of-the-art ultrasonic sensors and analyzers for specific industries. See our solutions for the fields of work we serve.


Founded in 1992, Rhosonics develops sustainable ultrasonic measuring instruments for process optimization in different industries to improve efficiency, reducing costs and increasing safety.

We proudly meet the requirements for the ISO9001 standard since 2010.


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