Dredging is important in the Netherlands, as the country has a long history of struggling against water. Rhosonics is a Dutch company that is dedicated to help dredgers to create a safe and pleasant working environment on their dredging vessels. We offer non-nuclear technology for density measurement at dredging vessels to eliminate all costs, health and safety risks related to radiation-based measuring instruments. Radiation inspections or safety training are not needed anymore thanks to ultrasonic technology. The Rhosonics density meter is useful to monitor the dredging slurry density during the operation. The instrument helps to avoid pump obstructions and to complete dredging projects more efficiently, which reduces the total time spend on a project.

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Rhosonics has developed the ultrasonic SDM density meter to measure the density of the dredging slurries without a radioactive source. Rhosonics has a lot of experience when it comes to inline measurements on different types of dredging vessels, since non-nuclear density meters are developed and improved since 2009. The SDM device is easy-to-use, without the need for any license and gives reliable density values to monitor and improve the production output. The instrument can be controlled (e.g. calibration) via an RCU Remote Control Unit or via HART communication. We believe that our instrument is a good alternative to radiation-based density meters.

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Get in touch with Rhosonics for further information about density control for dredging industries. If you want to learn more about our applications, then please also check our case studies and webinars.