The Netherlands has a long history of battling water, and dredging plays a vital role in this endeavor. Rhosonics, a Dutch company, is committed to aiding dredgers in creating a secure and enjoyable work environment aboard their dredging vessels. Our company provides non-nuclear technology for density measurement on dredging vessels, which eliminates all costs and health and safety risks associated with radiation-based measuring instruments. Ultrasonic technology has made radiation inspections and safety training unnecessary. The Rhosonics density meter is invaluable in monitoring dredging slurry density during operations. The instrument prevents pump blockages and allows for a more efficient process, resulting in reduced project completion time.

dredging slurries

To measure the density of dredging slurries without the use of radioactive sources, Rhosonics has developed the ultrasonic SDM density meter. Since 2009, our company has been continuously developing and improving non-nuclear density meters for inline measurements on various dredging vessels. Consequently, we have gained significant expertise in this field. The SDM device is exceptionally user-friendly, requiring no licensing, and provides dependable density values to monitor and enhance production output. Moreover, the instrument can be controlled, including calibration, either via an RCU Remote Control Unit or through HART communication. Ultimately, we firmly believe that our instrument is a safer and more cost-effective alternative to radiation-based density meters.


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