Rhosonics is helping the mineral processing industry to create a safe and pleasant working environment. We are doing this by offering non-nuclear technology for density measurement in slurries. Our ultrasonic density meter eliminates all costs, health and safety risks related to radiation-sourced devices. Furthermore, the device is easy-to-use, without the need for any license and gives reliable density values to monitor and improve the production output. In more and more industry applications the use of radiation sources is no longer needed for density measurement.

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Mineral slurries

Rhosonics has developed the ultrasonic SDM density meter to accurately and reliably measure the density of mineral slurries. Rhosonics has a lot of experience when it comes to inline measurement of mining slurries for phosphate, gold, silver, iron ore and many other mineral processing operations. Inline density measurements are useful to monitor separation processes, especially when you think about what could happen if the product is inconsistent or perhaps of too low quality. Examples of applications are density measurement in the grinding circuit, flotation circuit and thickening process among others.

product choice for this industry

Slurry density

Chemical density

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