Density measurement in the tunneling industry

Thursday 10 Nov 2022

Importance of Density Measurement in the Tunneling Industry

Density measurement is a critical aspect of the tunneling industry, it helps to ensure the stability and safety of the tunneling process. The density of the material being removed must be continuously monitored. As well as the stability of the surrounding rock mass, to prevent cave-ins and other dangerous incidents.

One of the methods of density measurement in the tunneling industry is the use of nuclear density gauges. These gauges use gamma radiation to measure the density of the material and provide an accurate reading in real time. However, the use of nuclear technology also comes with several safety and regulatory challenges, and many countries have strict regulations governing their use.

The Growing Popularity of Ultrasonics Slurry Density Meters

An alternative to nuclear gauges is the use of slurry density meters, which measure the density of the slurry being pumped out of the tunnel. These meters use advanced sensors to accurately measure the density of the slurry. This provides real-time feedback to the operators. It also allows them to adjust the pumping process as needed. Ultrasonics slurry density meters (SDM ) are non-invasive, safe, and highly accurate. Making them an increasingly popular choice in the tunneling industry.

In conclusion, accurate density measurement is essential for the safe and efficient operation of tunneling projects. Whether using nuclear gauges or slurry density meters, it is important to choose a reliable and high-quality solution. A solution that can provide the information you need to make informed decisions and keep your operations running smoothly. The SDM (Slurry Density Meter)  is perfectly suitable for this application. Additionally, this non-nuclear SDM is a sustainable and non-hazardous solution.

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