Press Release: Clamp-in

Tuesday 17 May 2022

Press release: Introduction to the Rhosonics CLAMP-IN pipe integration system

Rhosonics introduces the newest pipe integration system for the Slurry Density Meter (SDM)the Clamp-In. With this robust integration system, it is easy to remove the sensor without interrupting the process.

The Clamp-In allows the installation of existing pipes in the process. These can be plastic pipes, metal pipes, or even pipes with internal liners. All necessary mounting materials come with the product, including the drill for making the hole in the pipe. Besides the easy installation, one of the main features of this system is the “hot-tap,”. This allows the SDM to be removed and replaced without stopping the working processes.

Slurry Density Meter with Clamp-In

“The Clamp-In is the most practical way of installing the SDM inline, and it comes with a hot-tap! So, the sensor can be pulled out and put back again to the process while there is slurry flowing.”
Vitor Braz, Global Sales Manager

Rhosonics is always improving and promotes the use of the products. The Slurry Density Meter (SDM)  released in 2016. It was based on more than ten years of experience with harsh applications. The SDM measures the density of challenging water-based slurries for mining and dredging industries and is simple in installation and calibration. In addition, the non-nuclear technology allows the removal of all costs, health and safety risks related to the radiation source.

Now with the Clamp-In integration, the SDM is even more simple in the installation process and continues to improve its features.

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