Celebration of 30 years Rhosonics

Tuesday 26 Apr 2022

Rhosonics had a celebration for its 30th anniversary in April 2022. Employees, family and friends gathered in Putten, near the company HQ to mark this occasion.

Rhosonics was founded in April 1992. Initially, the company was a one-man business, run solely by Willem van Ballegoijen de Jong, who took care of all operating activities personally. With the help of some business associates, Willem designed developed, and sold his first ultrasonic sensors. He used his skills and past experiences related to instrumentation to develop innovative analyzers.

Sadly, in September 2016, Willem died in a plane accident. Since this, Rhosonics has changed considerably. Rhosonics has had three CEOs, each of whom has contributed to the company and helped it to grow. Martijn Boerma is the current CEO at Rhosonics, where growth and turnover continue to increase.

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