Putten Power Run 2024

Tuesday 14 May 2024

Last Friday, several Rhosonics employees and their families participated in the 5km business run at the annual ‘Putten Power Run’ event! This charity run takes place in the center of Putten, near Rhosonics’ headquarters.

Rhosonics was once again a proud main sponsor of this fantastic community event. This year, the proceeds will be donated to two deserving charities:

The Putten Romania Moldova Foundation (www.sprm.nl) – This organization provides aid and support to underprivileged communities in Romania and Moldova.

Het ZorgErf Buiten-land Putten – A local care facility that provides a loving home for people with dementia, where they can live fully and be themselves. It’s also a welcoming place for families and an enriching workplace for employees and volunteers.

Rhosonics is delighted to contribute to both an uplifting athletic event in our hometown of Putten, as well as these two very worthy causes making a positive impact.

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