Radioactive cylinder missing

Wednesday 15 Mar 2023

In the province of Prachinburi east of Bangkok, a 30-centimeter long and 13 inches wide steel tube was reported missing from a coal plant. Staff reported the missing cylinder when it was noticed during one of the routine checks. According to reports the tube weighs in 25 kilograms. It is said to be storing the highly radioactive Cesium-137. Following this discovery, a search was then set off to locate the missing cylinder. Despite their best efforts they were unable to relocate it.

Reports are not yet known of how the cylinder went missing. The company believes that it may have fallen from a wall mount. Currently The Office of Atoms- the Thai government agency responsible for nuclear research- has opened an investigation to find out exactly how the cylinder went missing from the coal power plant.

This incident follows the Western Australian case back in Mid-January. Authorities had to locate a missing Cesium-137 capsule that had fallen out of a truck during transportation.

Rhosonics hopes that this source of the nuclear gauge will be found soon. And that people in Prachinburi stay safe and away from it.

Rhosonics has delivered +1000 safe, non-radioactive, Slurry Density Meters to mining sites all around. We want to keep contributing to helping mining sites and other industries to eliminate the use of unsafe technology (nuclear density gauges) from their operations.

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