Rhosonics Academy

Wednesday 19 Jul 2023

We are excited to introduce our brand-new training platform: the Rhosonics Academy.

This innovative website is designed to provide education to our wide range of stakeholders and offer an accessible database filled with valuable insights about Rhosonics. Whether you are a customer, partner or team member.

The platform offers a wealth of resources and features such as:
1. Access to product documents (manuals, brochures, pictures/videos, and more)
2. Engaging media (webinars, troubleshooting videos, podcasts, and more)
3. Marketing-related materials (whitepapers, presentations, and more)
4. An interactive E-learning platform for continuous learning and growth

We are committed to developing the platform with more documents and training courses in the near future, ensuring you stay at the forefront of both Rhosonics and industry developments.

Join us on a journey of knowledge and discovery with the Rhosonics Academy, where we share our expertise with you!

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