Rhosonics and DS Linetech sign agreement

Friday 03 Nov 2023

Rhosonics has signed an agreement with DS Linetech, a Korean company that specializes in on-line chemical analyzers. The agreement represents the next step in the strong relationship between the two companies and includes the assembly, service, and distribution of Rhosonics Chemical Concentration Meters (CCMs) from DS Linetech’s headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.

In September 2023, Martijn Boerma, CEO of Rhosonics, visited Korea to finalize the contract with Hae-Dong Lee, CEO of DS Linetech. The contract was officially signed in October, and this week, Rhosonics provided a five-day training to two technical engineers from DS Linetech. Today, the engineers received their official certificates for the successful completion of the service and assembly training at Rhosonics’ premises in the Netherlands.

The new partnership will allow Rhosonics to expand its reach into the Korean market and provide its customers with even better local support. DS Linetech’s expertise in on-line chemical analyzers and its strong customer base make it the ideal partner for Rhosonics.

Martijn Boerma visiting the office of DS Linetech in Korea

Martijn Boerma visiting the office of DS Linetech in Korea

Mr. Yeon and Mr. Kim from DS Linetech have received their training certificate

Mr. Yeon and Mr. Kim from DS Linetech both successfully completed the Rhosonics technical training

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