Rhosonics density meters at Beens Dredging

Tuesday 20 Feb 2024

In a recent visit to Beens Dredging, Daniël from Customer Service and Frank from Marketing showcased the effectiveness of the Rhosonics density meters in dredging operations. Beens has been using the SDM (Slurry Density Meter) since 2017, and recently added the cutting-edge SDM ECO to its lineup.

These meters are essential to the dredging process, providing data on the density of sludge being pumped into the hopper. Combined with flow meters, they allow the team to accurately measure the volume of material transferred, which is particularly important for their ongoing project to deepen the naval port of Den Helder in the Netherlands.

The ability to pump more material in a shorter timeframe not only improves efficiency but also promises significant time savings, hastening the project’s completion.

In an exclusive interview on board of one of their dredging ships, Beens expressed their satisfaction with the performance of both density meters, highlighting the improved accuracy and efficiency offered by the new SDM ECO.

We’ll have the video up of the full interview soon, where we’ll learn more about the company’s use-case, the impact of the SDM and SDM ECO on their operations, and their experience with the technology. For now, check out some snapshots from the dredging ship below.

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