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Friday 02 Dec 2022

Rhosonics is committed to providing its distributors with the knowledge and skills needed to optimize their density measurement solutions. To achieve this, the company regularly holds seminars and training sessions around the world. The seminars cover a range of topics related to Rhosonics’ product range.

These seminars provide attendees with an in-depth understanding of the technology. The seminars are designed to be interactive, with plenty of opportunities for attendees to ask questions and share their experiences. They are also a great opportunity to network with other professionals. And to learn about new developments and best practices in slurry density measurement. In addition to that, Rhosonics has a chance to understand customers’ feedback directly from the field.

At the beginning of November, our colleagues Martijn Boerma, Vitor Braz, Frank Termeulen, and Yuan Yiu visited Thailand to hold a seminar with some of our representatives from Asia-Pacific: DS Linetech, Brasten, ACA Solutions, IMS Automation, and Titech.

This is followed by a seminar in Mexico at the beginning of December, where Martijn, Vitor, Frank, and Diogo got to meet most of our North- and South-American distributors. Control Weapon, Winn-Marion, Everest Automation, Yellow Solutions, Procon Systems, Cloud Seven, Rhomberg, Abbey Mec-tric, and RTS Automation.

These seminars have been the source of strong team cohesion, expression of insight, and the development of business relationships. Of course, there is always time for sightseeing.

Seminar in Phuket, Thailand
Seminar in Cancun, Mexico

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