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We have podcasts about several topics, discussed with our colleagues of the Sales, Marketing and Service department:

  • Chemical Density Meter
  • Slurry Density Meter
  • Measurement in the cyclone feed
  • Control strategies in the grinding and flotation circuit
  • Phosphate processing at OCP, Morocco
  • Radiation based to ultrasonic transition
  • Density measurement in the flotation process
  • Chemical Concentration Meter

On this episode of the Rhosonics podcast, we have a new guest: Viktoria Bohacikova. She explains all about the CDM: its features, benefits, which industry can best utilize it and more! Join us to know more about how this non-nuclear measuring device can optimize your process.

On this episode of the Rhosonics Podcast, our host Muna Abdulkadir will talk to Vitor Braz about the technology of the Slurry Density Meter, its features, application where to use and more. Listen to find out if the Slurry Density Meter is just what you are looking for. 

On this episode hosted by Josh O’Halloran, he and Vitor will discuss the application where the SDM is installed in a coal mine in Brazil, key information about the coal mine, SDM capabilities and more.

In this episode we are joined by Soufine Ettaibi where he and Josh will discuss various key insights about Control Strategy in the grinding and flotation circuit. They talk about main differences between the grinding and flotation circuit, how to effectively measure ores hardness and the process by which grounded ore is transported. Tune in to hear what insights Soufine has to share.

In this episode, Soufian and Josh will discuss what exactly Phosphate ore is, what the end results are, and which challenges an OCP mine in Morocco faced and how they overcame them.

On this episode, Frank Termeulen, an expert in marketing and business development will join our host Josh O’Halloran to discuss the key differences between radiation-based devices and ultrasonic instrumentation. Listen to find out what Frank says about the best solutions, insights and more!

On this episode, we are once again joined by our esteemed colleague Soufian. This episode focuses on the importance of measuring and controlling your process and installation points surrounding the flotation circuit.

On this episode, Daniel Brederode will join our host Josh O’Halloran to talk about the Chemical Concertation Meter. Together they will discuss the importance of measuring chemicals effectively, the purpose of the CCM and which industries are most common for using the CCM.

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