Rhosonics helps the industry to use ultrasonic technology for in-line, real-time measurements, through which a process optimization can be achieved, allowing a safer, more reliable, sustainable and cost effective operation. This is how Rhosonics contributes to a smart and green world.

On this page, you can read about our models and applications in the following industries:

Wastewater Management

Wastewater treatment plants are common over the world. Within the wastewater treatment process, it is important the measure the COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) value, i.e. the amount of oxygen necessary to break down organic materials. The CCM 9585 COD Meter can be used to measure the COD of brewery wastewater streams.

Fluctuating loads will upset your treatment plant and will lead to bad treatment and can cause foaming. Measuring the COD using a high quality Model 9585 COD Meter can help you check your treatment plant by means of feedforward control of the air compressors and increasing the return activated sludge (RAS). COD can also be toxic for bacteria above a certain concentration: inhibition of bacteria will lead to poor wastewater treatment or can upset the treatment completely.

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