Mining Talks – Thickener Series – EP1 “Short Circuiting”

Thursday 11 Nov 2021

In the first episode of our series “Mining talks – thickener series”, we interviewed Mike Cook, who is the director of Minexxt Inc. He is involved in thickening, separation and dewatering technologies since 1990. Mike worked as Thickener Manager at Outotec and as Optimization Services Director at Paterson & Cooke.

In this first episode, we talk about ‘Short Circuiting’ – a dirty overflow and a poor underflow density. The majority of thickener upgrades require a new feed system. Common reasons are the throughput and the characteristics of the ore changes. The components that were originally designed become too small. Minexxt helps to upgrade the feed system using products such as the well-known Vector® feed well design and a better feed dilution system which are both critical. They make sure that the feed system is dispersing equally throughout the whole tank, which is an issue that occurs in many applications where the thickener is short circuiting.

Watch the interview below to learn more about this subject.

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